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Combating feelings of low self worth

We all have 1 or 363 days a year where we feel like we’re not doing enough. We’re not waking up early enough, we’re not giving our families enough affection, we’re not putting in the extra effort to fulfill the potential we have, we’re spending too much time on Facebook… the efforts we put in to this self deprecating list is astounding. At least we’re doing one thing to our fullest potential! …Not funny, I know. These thoughts often lead to feelings of low self worth.

This post is dedicated to sharing some thoughts on source and healing techniques I use on those days. This is no attempt at therapy but more an attempt at sharing the value and window to self care.

Thought 1. We use social media as our source of motivation–almost to an addictive extent. We scroll and scroll and scroll looking for something that will give us a kickstart to the day or motivate us to go do something. Instead we waste minutes scrolling and scrolling and scrolling until we end up at the posts we saw yesterday. Then we feel let down. #amiright?

Healing technique 1. BE THE SOURCE of that motivation for yourself, your 500 friends or one person. If you use social media regularly, be the one to post the positive or funny motivating quotes, videos, pictures, etc. Better yet, send it directly to someone to make a positive impact. Doing something kind for another is a great source of happiness and instills a sense self worth.


Thought 2. We want to wake up earlier (or go to bed earlier) because we think it will make us more productive. “I should get up at 6 and go work out! I bet I’ll feel great!” –every working person.

Healing technique 2. Search far and wide for a buddy to be active with. It’s okay to lack the self motivation to get up at dawn and sweat your ass off. That is not genetically encoded in anyone but my mother. So, find a friend and hold each other accountable. If you are at far different activity levels, do something together-apart like swimming, yoga class, weight lifting or playing on a jungle gym. As a personal example, I swim once a week with a great friend. She’s a machine and will swim straight laps for an hour while I end up water-zumba-ing in the corner for the last 20 minutes. No regrets! The camaraderie, the productivity, and self worth it inspires is worth the early morning. If you’re trying to go to bed earlier, stop reading things like this post late at night. Breathe and listen to the warmth of your bed.

Healing technique 2. Have a reason to get up early that will help hold you accountable. Coffee with a friend. Specific chunk of work that needs to be done. Get up and make breakfast for yourself and your partner. Waking up just to wake up is pretty silly in my book. Set a goal or sleep in!


Thought 3. We all have an inner Smeagol and he makes us think and say terrible things. Yes, that’s a real part of you and it exists for a reason but that is not the piece that drives you.

Healing technique 3. Pinpoint the source, create a mantra, breathe with it, recover slowly. Example: Thought and pinpoints: You’re writing a “yoga blog” but you haven’t even done your own yoga goals today. Why can’t you get off your butt and practice? Mantra: “There is a purpose for doing this rather than that. Negation towards the self does not bring positive action, it brings unnecessary consequence.” Results: A-ha! moment. Smeagol removes us from the present moment; from where we belong.


Thought 4. This one is near and dear to my heart: We restrict or treat ourselves poorly when we don’t indulge in human contact.

Healing technique 4. Brene Brown. Read her stuff and work on vulnerability. Let someone hug you. Breathe with them. Feel their heart. Have the realization that you are exactly who you need to be in that moment.

I attribute much of my self healing to BodhiYoga in Provo, UT. Strength is built by shedding doubt and allowing vulnerability to saturate your being.

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