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Kratu kratu, kratu | Purpose enlightenment, intelligence personified

When we learn a phrase from another language, or even random words from a language, we immediately input ourselves into the definition. Vinyasa for me triggers the sensation of inhaling from chaturanga dandasana to urdhva mukha svanasana; c’est la vie is my mom’s way of saying, “deal with it, life’s tough then you die”; and sayonara is a snubby way to goodbye to an annoying person you never have to see again.

All of those have different meanings to you though, don’t they? When I went through teacher training at Bodhi Yoga, the explanation of kratu immediately hit home. Kratu was described as intelligence of action. Aha! That’s why I’m here! Bam! I am a guide for Yoga, the guru. I have the honor of sharing my experience and knowledge of yoga to others. The word kratu triggered the experience of witnessing a student of mine sitting quietly for the sake of being. Such a beautiful symbol in my memory of kratu.

So when I went to write this post it was going to be about that feeling of witnessing a student of yoga because that was kratu. That was kratu until I actually translated kratu and found this:

What!? Wait.. Huh? Uh… Hmmmm. Okay. So kratu is everything, isn’t it? Yes, yes it is. And it can come off as rajasic, tamasic and sattvic can’t it? Yes, yes it can. Intelligence of action, intelligence personified, intention is what drives you forward. The image of kratu, to me, is still my student sitting quietly. Although now, it’s because I see her witnessing her own purpose, or kratu. What does that mean to you? What image, expression or situation comes to mind when you exhale and think, kratu?

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