200ytt, Yoga

On Tai Chi

I am yoga. What is yoga? Everything is yoga. I am everything, and everything is me. This morning I sparked a curiosity for Tai Chi, so I googled it. I am a doer, not a reader so I watched this video and this video. Breathe in on the ebb, breathe out on the flow. Breathe in to set up, breathe out to deepen. Breathe in to draw energy inside, breathe out to send energy outside. Tai Chi. Yoga. Qigong. Everyday life. Everything is understanding the ebb and flow of breath. After all, we are only because of our breath.

Breathing can be as passive as lane lines or as telling as a stop sign. It is a warning of sorts to keep you present, aware, awake and ready for anything. It cultivates awareness: posture, patience, perspective. In yoga we use breath to begin our practice, throughout and to finish in hopes that the awareness we cultivate in our practice will leak into our life. I don’t say “hopes” lightly, but I promise yoga, tai chi, qigong and other breathing practices help cultivate a conscious life.



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