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Sinus clearing with acupressure

Whoever said Arizona was an allergy free zone should be hung by their nostrils. When I lived there I suffered 4-5 sinus infections a YEAR! For someone who likes to go upside down, no bueno. Then I moved to Utah and sinus and I became friends again. Although sometimes they still betray me, I now have an arsenal of homeopathics and acupressure points to offer immediate relief.

Photo on 8-21-16 at 7.47 PM #2Using index and middle finger, gently press between where your cheek bone meets your nose.


Photo on 8-21-16 at 7.47 PM #3One of my all-time favorite acupressure point for.. everything, really. Squeeze the meaty part of your hand webbing.


Photo on 8-21-16 at 7.47 PMPress up gently where your brow bones meet the bridge of your nose.


Photo on 8-21-16 at 7.48 PMMy index finger is doing the real magic here. A few inches down your radius you’ll find a natural, possibly tender soft spot. Gently press there. I like to use this arm lock to open my back and chest to. Breathe deep!!!


Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 7.56.38 PM

Lastly, I found this sinus rub from Natural Apothecary in Orem, Utah. This oil smells like HEAVEN and I apply it directly to my face morning (with a nice facial massage of course) and night when I’m stuffed it. The ingredients are grapeseed oil, EVOO, sesame seed oil, and essential oils of niaouli, pine needle, ti tree, cajuput, eucalyptus and camphor. Do I know exactly what those do? Heck no. That’s what Natural Apothecary is for! 😉


I would still be stuffed up if it weren’t for teaching from Sl Carson at Bodhi Yoga. If you’re interested in acupressure, check her studio out!

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