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“It’s sort of like philosophy.”

Said a student of mine last night during study hall. My teens have a weekly assignment to reflect on one of the yamas or niyamas and how it manifested throughout their week. This particular student hadn’t turned in one assignment which makes you figure they are just NOT interested in seeking more depth. I’m so glad I was wrong.

I called him to study hall and the connections he made involving motivation, music, basketball, compassion, empathy/sympathy and everything in between was magic. He grinned wide when he connected two dots realizing that the strength in being aware of his environments allowed him to reflect and navigate new situations. Near the end he said, “it’s sort of like philosophy.” Yes, yes it is!




Headshot2Kiera Lucich is a neural integration specialist based in Salt Lake City, Utah. She’s the owner of Smart Move Wellness, a brain-based wellness company dedicated to educating and training people to heal chronic and trauma-associated pain. For more information visit smartmovewellness.com.

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