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Recipe for Burn Out

I’m going to spare you the anecdotal crap you normally have to dig through upon finding recipes online. No one cares how your Aunt’s toe surgery is related to your pumpkin spice (GF) muffins.

So here it is! 3 lines of text later. Your best-of-Pinterest, ultimate recipe for burn out. Any substitutions or recipe additions are welcome! As always, comment, like, share, unsubscribe. Kisses!


2-15 oz cans of passion

4 heaping cup fulls of ill-managed time

1 empty cup of gratitude

3/4 empty cup of self care/compassion

3 leveled tablespoons of unmet expectations **sub major misunderstandings of any sort**

1-2 teaspoons of “screeeeeeeeewwwwwww this,” depending on spice preferences

1-7/8 teaspoon of self doubt

2 sprigs of rosemary

Salt and naysayers to taste

Take your time and prepare your passions for 4-5 years at a University. When you’re broke as hell, begin investing your time into multiple unrelated opportunities for advancement or “exposure.” At this stage do not, I repeat, do not sleep or you will have already ruined the recipe. Add some coffee if need be. Self defeating thoughts will soon begin to thicken and as soon as you start to boil over, put yourelf on the back burner on simmer and pretend to spice up with gratitude and self care (it’s too late to actually add them but I’ve heard the gesture helps people get out of bed in the morning). Roughly chop and toss in a mix of all of your unmet expectations. Turn off the heat, stop getting out of bed and add as much, “screeeewwwwww this” as you’d like according to your spice preferences. I’ve heard the postgrad “screw this” is pretty spicy if you’re really feeling fiery. Add in your self doubt and if you lose count of how many 1/8 teaspoons you’ve put in, you’re on the right track. Sprinkle your naysayers and tears on the dish and garnish with 2 sprigs of rosemary in a heart shape. Like this:rosemary heart

VOILA! It’s that easy people! If you have some other crap going on, substitute what you need. The recipe is pretty idiot-proof is you start with a passion and enough ill-managed time. Most importantly, let me know how your recipe goes by sharing this so people will pay me to sit on my ass and write more recipes with unrelated family stories!

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