Rehabilitative Coaching

Trauma happens…

…And life after trauma does not need to be a suffer fest. From simple traumas like ankle sprains to complex, life-long trauma, your brain rewires every second with an important goal of keeping you safe. The unfortunate symptoms associated often include avoidance, fear, chronic pain, muscular imbalances, poor coordination, anxiety or more severe physical disabilities.

Movement Coaching is the process of remapping neural pathways, a literal rewiring or neurons, in order to both satiate the brain’s goal of keeping you safe and bringing you towards a joyful life. “Brain remapping,” sounds ambiguous but it’s surprisingly simple (but not easy). A Movement Coach will deeply assess your current movement patterns, quirks, and avoidances and coach you through their rehabilitation.

Yes, coaching implies multiple visits and work for you to do on your own but the result is that you will be on your way to a joyful, stable, and pain-free life!