Anna Z.

I had a profound, life-changing (seriously), experience with at my appointment with Kiera last Friday. She helped restore confidence… and taught me a lot about why I move like I do. Our session was truly eye-opening—in so many ways. I learned that we (most people) hold memories of our trauma in our body—and that we do that in ways I hadn’t realized—ways that affect our eyes, how we scan the environment, or avoid our environment. All that translates into our posture. Working with Kiera restored confidence, and flexibility. Kiera pointed out where I was “stuck” by simply watching me walk across the room. She pointed the stuckness out to me, and had me do some limbering moves. When I walked again, it felt different, freer. And Kiera could see the difference, too. I recommend to everyone to visit Kiera. And even if you don’t think you have had any trauma or any problems with posture or gait, go visit her. Learn from her. Have an assessment, and an eye-opening experience for yourself. You won’t think of your eyes and posture in the same way, again. Thank you Kiera!